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Pedro Candeias

Hello, I've downloaded the ACA 2010 and Its was very slowly at the beggining. I do not like the ribbons insted of toolbars. I think that Ribbons concept is incompatible with an CAD Drawing tool principles. We do want work to fast and not "funny". So i've downloaded the new CUI (provided from self Autodesk) and Iam very happy with this new version. Many good Endcaps functions that help us to work faster. We do like to work faster and smarter, and I think that the end user will not tolerate a "funny" interface that does not work.

In the future, I hope that Autodesk quits ribbons or at least, offer users to get the toolbars back, like the "old school".

Shaan Hurley


Thank you for the feedback. All we ask you give the new Ribbon UI a fair chance. It does take a little time to get used to but we hope in the end you will grow to prefer it. AutoCAD, ACA(ADT) and many other products have changed dramatically over the years and with each change, comes adapting or embracing.

Please have a look at the new video overview of the UI.

Best Regards,


I'm going to give the ribbon a serious try, as it makes a lot of tools available while taking up very little space. Unfortunately, the price for this is that what used to be single click tool buttons become search, open, wait, search, open, wait, search, click buttons. The guys who use macro's will do fine but the button guy's like me are not likely to embrace the ribbon.

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